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How do we know if the results are real?

In the first phase of the project, NWISER will work in conjunction with your Financial area to determine the base rates with the ones the project is going to be evaluated. From those bases we are going to review the project indicators week to week, meaning, the savings and results from our work.

Can I do it?

Often organizations tend to fall into “workshop blindness” where business proposals and methodologies are not always the most appropriate. Another critical factor that limits the organization’ managers, is that day to day work consume most of their time, which is necessary to implement any proposals for improvement.

What happens when NWISER is gone?

Our goal is to achieve 100% of your company’s independence through self-sustainability; therefore our methodology is to work one to one in the early stages of the project, gradually reaching the follow-up audits, where we make sure that your people is the owner of the change.